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Command your Outcome

Capture spatial data, Identify high-intent users and provide them with actionable insights for your XR Experiences - in real time.
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Insight XR is a purpose-built open-source Analytics and Insights platform for XR Teams.
We take care of the data stack so that you can focus on building the experience.

Capture Spatial Data

Move away from static event based triggers and capture complete context of the user experience

Embed custom events for your project

Custom triggers that help you track key user events

After-Action Replays

Assess Trainee performance from anywhere, anytime

3D Heatmaps

Identify what your users pay attention to, how they move inside the 3D space and what you can improve  

Funnels, Cohorts and Leaderboards

Create cohorts of high intent users

Empowering your XR solutions to be 100x

Enabling XR Teams to build delightful customer experiences that lead to defined business outcomes

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Automatic Event Segmentation

Identify critical-events in a user journey without coding them in, surface UX bottlenecks, identify levels of attention and immersion

Assessment and Actionable Insights for Trainees

Accelerate learning outcomes of individual trainees with AI that automatically identifies deviation from ideal user flows

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Saas Webflow Template - Whistler - Designed by and